At Vivid Kreations, we love the art in architecture and are firm believers in integrating the two elements to tell a story through our creations.

Since our inception in 2002, we have been redefining the landscape for our customers through our unique brand of sustainable architecture.

We listen to your dream, nurture the aesthetics of your surroundings and create spaces that define you.

We welcome the limitations and constraints of the site, topography and natural elements and channelise our work to produce bespoke creations that complement your natural habitat.

Our work dots the length and breadth of India and has also taken us to foreign shores.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Vivid Kreations specializes in Architectural and Interior Design, Construction, Project Management Consulting and Real Estate Advisory.



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“We love the art in architecture and are firm believers in integrating the two elements to tell a story through our creations.”



“We listen to your dream, nurture the aesthetics of your surroundings. and create spaces that define you.”



Sustainability lies at the very heart of our Architectural Design practice. We believe in the play of light, space and materials and blend these elements seamlessly to help realise your dream.

Over the years, Vivid Kreations has spearheaded the design, development and documentation of numerous commercial, residential, retail, institutional and hospitality building projects.

Our Architectural Design Studio has delivered projects ranging from 2,000 Sft to 3,50,000 Sft in India and overseas for both commercial enterprises and Government bodies.




Living spaces are an integral component of everyday lives. Be it a commercial or a residential space, the experience of occupancy heightens with the sights and sounds that the interiors emanate.

At Vivid Kreations, our interior designs are inspired by dynamism and fluidity. From corporate office interiors and residential spaces to retail outlets, and from contemporary arts and crafts centers to boutique hotels, we have lit up interiors with our blend of unique and vibrant concepts to complement the tastes and preferences of our customers.

And we welcome the scale – be it 5,000 Sft or 3,00,000 Sft, we have done it all.




The activity of building, while an integral component of our customer’s dreams, can be an arduous task. Which is why, we at Vivid Kreations, are happy to relieve our customers of the labours of construction so they stay fixated on the big dream.

Our Construction division takes complete end-to-end ownership and delivers projects on a turnkey basis. So right from design consultancy to execution, we remain the single go-to team for our customer’s project.

Our best-in-class consultants and contractors ensure structured success for our customers.

Over the years, our Construction division has earned credit in the industry owing to its focus on professionalism, integrity, quality, transparency and accountability.




God is in the details”.

Our Project Managers swear by this adage and go well beyond the standard supervision services that most other companies provide.

Our decade’s long experience equips us with the foresight to look deep into a project and plan well in advance. And in doing so, we take complete ownership right from scoping the project requirement, tender/ RFP preparation and vendor selection to bills management, construction management, quality compliance and risk mitigation.

In Vivid Kreations, our customers find an ally in their journey from project conceptualization to realization.




The biggest challenge a land owner faces is the validation of viable options for the monetisation of real estate. Vivid Kreations solves this problem for its customers through a full stack of end-to-end services.

These include – Feasibility Studies, Optimal Utilization Strategies, Appraisal & Valuation Services, Business Plan Development and Investor partner search.

The potential from a patch of real estate is immense and we have helped customers realise this via development of commercial structures such as malls, tech-parks and retail outlets through our capabilities in this vertical.







Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free quote?

A free quote can only be provided for Architectural Design, Interior Design and Project Management Consulting Services.

However, a quote for execution of the project can only be arrived at after finalization of design by the customer. Contract quotes will be based on the bill of quantities arrived at after the design has been frozen.

However, in certain cases, the cost of the project can be arrived at if the super built-up area of the project is known at the time of project initiation.

Are all your staff in-house employees?

All architects, interior designers and site supervisors are in-house employees of Vivid Kreations. For structural, electrical, plumbing and landscaping work, we activate and on board service consultants (all experts in their respective field) from our pre qualified and impaneled partner network.

Can you design and build as well?

This is possible and we do undertake such projects as well.

Such projects are categorized as turnkey design-build projects and we charge discounted rates of up to 50 % for the required consulting work. On arrival of the project contract cost based on the Bill of Quantities, we finalize the contract value and our in-house Construction Division will begin the project.

Our design team and the construction team coordinate with each other and ensure that work on the site progresses as per approved design and quality.

We have our own team for execution & want only your designs. Possible?

We will render Architectural Design and Interior Design Consulting services, charged on either per Sft of super-built-up area/carpet area and includes the fixed number of site visits that our team would undertake during the course of the project execution.

What is your payments process?

The payment schedule will be enumerated in our professional fee quote document and generally spilt into 4 to 5 stages that are spread out through the total duration of the project.

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