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At Vivid Kreations, we love the art in architecture and are firm believers in integrating the two elements to tell a story through our creations.

Since our inception in 2002, we have been redefining the landscape for our customers through our unique brand of sustainable architecture.

We listen to your dream, nurture the aesthetics of your surroundings and create spaces that define you.

We welcome the limitations and constraints of the site, topography and natural elements and channelise our work to produce bespoke creations that complement your natural habitat.

Our work dots the length and breadth of India and has also taken us to foreign shores.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Vivid Kreations specializes in Architectural and Interior Design, Construction, Project Management Consulting and Real Estate Advisory.

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When we entered our completed office for the first time, we were so stunned with what we saw! The whole office is bundle of energy with the interior colours and murals they have used. We love to get to work everyday!

Dinesh Babu

Idea Telecom, Bangalore

Shree is so straight forward and honest when it comes to budgets and timelines. She never over promises and under delivers.



The entire vivid team is so passionate about design and architecture. They pay so much attention to client needs and also think from the ‘end customer’ point of view. Every room in our hotel is a masterpiece, thanks to Vivid Kreations.

Manoj Kunisseri

CEO, Blue Earth Hospitality, Bangalore

Our home is our favorite place. Shree made sure she understood exactly what we wanted and delivered our vision back to us.

Sunil Pillai

Home owner

Shree is a thorough professional. In fact the whole team at Vivid Kreations is an absolute pleasure to work with. They get so involved and leave no stone unturned to get the work done. The entire project management of our hotel was handled so seamlessly.


CFO, Sterling Mac Hotels, Bangalore

We are ever so grateful to Shree and her team for making our dream house a reality. There were no bad surprises or hidden costs or glitches, through out the time our house was being built. Even after we got the handover of our house, Shree pitched in with so much. She came shopping with us for linen!


Home Owner, Bangalore

Our resort regularly features in the press and media. We have the Vivid Kreations team to thank for that. They have exceeded our expectations with the design and build of our resort!

Salil Panigrahi

MD Atmosphere, Singapore.
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3798,Elphinston,4th Level, 7th Main,HAL 2nd Stage, Indira Nagar, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038


Shree Lakshmi : +91 9844278751

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free quote?

A free quote can only be provided for Architectural Design, Interior Design and Project Management Consulting Services.

However, a quote for execution of the project can only be arrived at after finalization of design by the customer. Contract quotes will be based on the bill of quantities arrived at after the design has been frozen.

However, in certain cases, the cost of the project can be arrived at if the super built-up area of the project is known at the time of project initiation.

Are all your staff in-house employees?

All architects, interior designers and site supervisors are in-house employees of Vivid Kreations. For structural, electrical, plumbing and landscaping work, we activate and on board service consultants (all experts in their respective field) from our pre qualified and impaneled partner network.

Can you design and build as well?

This is possible and we do undertake such projects as well.

Such projects are categorized as turnkey design-build projects and we charge discounted rates of up to 50 % for the required consulting work. On arrival of the project contract cost based on the Bill of Quantities, we finalize the contract value and our in-house Construction Division will begin the project.

Our design team and the construction team coordinate with each other and ensure that work on the site progresses as per approved design and quality.

We have our own team for execution & want only your designs. Possible?

We will render Architectural Design and Interior Design Consulting services, charged on either per Sft of super-built-up area/carpet area and includes the fixed number of site visits that our team would undertake during the course of the project execution.

What is your payments process?

The payment schedule will be enumerated in our professional fee quote document and generally spilt into 4 to 5 stages that are spread out through the total duration of the project.

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